Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is this service and how does this work?

We are offering a monthly subscription for house maintenance inclusive of aircon servicing, pest control, electrical services, landscaping (optional), sanitary & plumbing services.

2. Can I prematurely terminate the service contract?

Upon entering the service agreement, the house owner is required to fulfil a contract period of 12 months.

3. How fast is the response time for the ad-hoc plumbing and electrical services?

2 hours for urgent matters.

4. What are your working hours?

9:00 AM to 6:00 PM for scheduled maintenance, 24 hours helpdesk hotline service.

5. How many days in advance for the scheduling of services?

We will provide an annual schedule for routine maintenance. Ad hoc maintenance will be based on the earliest next available date.

6. Do I have to schedule the monthly pest control and quarterly aircon servicing or will it be automatically scheduled?

We will provide an annual schedule for routine maintenance.

7. What is the sign-up process?

You may proceed to fill up the sign up form on our website. Our marketing staff will contact you to follow up with service agreement and GIRO form.

8. What is the payment process?

GIRO deduction will be on the first day of the calendar month.

9. Will I be charged additionally for rescheduling?

You will not be charged if you provide 2 weeks advance notice for rescheduling.

10. How are you different from other handyman services in the market?

Handyman services available in the market charge by per visit and quote according to the service required. We do not charge for visit and labour. For example, replacement of lighting & toilet accessories replacement are included in the monthly subscription fee. We only charge for the cost of parts for the lighting & toilet accessories, or you can provide the parts for our technicians to change for you at no charge.

11. Do you provide disposal service for removal of bulky furniture and etc.?

It will be subjected to a case-by-case basis. We may provide quotation after accessing the amount of debris.

Any other questions? Ask away!